miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Twisted Scream

Sick and tired of love
and hate and sex
and love and hate and sex.
And all the things around
and all the things which round
and round and round
around everything which means
nothing meaningful to oneself
when one is lost
and lost looking for a muse
that sleeps and dreams
about the perfect love
that loves sex and hate
when hate and love and sex
and love and sex and hate
become then no opposites
but different ways
to the same dreary place.

Picture: Scream by Vakhtang Kakulia

4 comentarios:

  1. All which I know--well, I THINK I know--grin! is that after hate, sex, Muses, dreary places and 'things' going round and round...after these are all gone, with everything ELSE (Universe) all gone, there will be one--and only one attribute remaining. We have named it L-O-V-E !!!!!

    So why not (I say to myself) stay with THAT one thing for now, and maybe sick-and-tired will resolve their differences with life.

    I'm gonna give it a try!

    You DO write it so well, I had trouble thinking of it as "dreary" (I LOVE that word!)

  2. Instead of waiting for things to come around, perhaps we can still our hearts and stay in the moment...

    Life is an endless spiral. In a single moment we forget what's behind and what's ahead, staying in the moment till the next.

    Wonderful prose sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. different ways to the same dreary place...ack...that left a cold shadow there at the end for me...the repetition and dance there of works really well in this...

    and thank you for your comment...made me smile.

  4. Love and sex and hate and love and sex.

    Completely agree. First time visiting and I loved it!