jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Sui Caedere

I did it
I was planning it
long time ago,
and finally did it

I cutted my veins
slowly and carefuly,
multiple times
while crying and begging
for God to stop my life.

Desperation maybe,
things already lived,
and the thought that
even worst things
are going to happen
to me...

Looking for redemption,
I let the blood flow
I stained the sheets
and felt asleep
after taken lot of pills

Neither the blood,
nor the pills,
nor even Death
took my life.

I woke up
next morning,
birds singing
sun shining
wounds hurting
and head aching

the phone rang
and I picked it up.
It was my mom,
- told me she had
a terrible nightmare
and stayed all night
praying for her
only daughter
to be saved

I wont forget
my mom's cries
when she accidentaly
discovered the blood
and the marks.

There are,
there still are,
things to fight for,
new ilusions to find,
new quests to follow
and people that wait
your return home.

We live in a place
sometimes called earth
sometimes called hell
but at least
we know it well.

I dont care who saved me
or where does he or she come from
but thank you
for this second chance.

Picture: Requiem por un suicidio by Carlos Entefí

8 comentarios:

  1. Es tu primer poema inglish que me gustang

  2. So well written and expressed.
    It is interesting to write in another language; I enjoy writing poems in Spanish, from time to time.

  3. I do hope this is a make-up story,just like mine.

    Take care, and have a nice day.

  4. so well written and with so much passion I thought it was true.

  5. In the beginning, I thought it would be a sad poem, but then it took a turn :)
    Life is precious. And no matter what, we must not give up. Loved the poem.

  6. Not sure I'll ever get to be familiar with hell or even earth... But I've learnt not to kill myself also for the ones who -no matter what- stood and overcame the battle: if they did, we will too!

    glad death, nor life did it with you...