miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

I wonder

 What would you do
if I tell them,
to all of them,
if I tell them,
all those sacred secrets
you want to remain
far out of the way
of those amateurish frogs?

what would you do then
If I send
If I sell
your reputation
and let it flow
and go and fall
in procastinated tongues?
To hear every-silent-word
now croaned and croaked
in the highest voice
telling the truth about you
your mischievous mind
and your stone heart?

How would you feel then
if you wake up
and you find out
that every-lie-carefully-built
is now gone
and destroyed
into pieces
of rough materials,
shelled by
the best missile?

How it would be
to see you paying
as much as I paid
for all OUR mistakes
as much as you deserve
my sweetest revenge?

Painting: The Triumph of Justice by Hans Von Aachen

5 comentarios:

  1. I would like to sleep the whole day not thinking anything.

    If I can refuse to think anything.

  2. Wow ..so nice :). Love is patient, love is kind.it keeps no record of wrongs.So let it go .Forget revenge !

  3. This is very powerful and I feel the hurt. Perhaps the best revenge is having the great skill to write the poem and to share it with the whole world! Nothing could be better than that, really.

  4. Unthinkable. To divolge secrets is the lowest punch. A revenge I would never take part in