domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

An advice for pre-lesbian chicks

I don't know what was
whether her perfume's touch
or her long hair's smell
the spell I was trapped by --

titanical ocean waves
of pleasure disguised
in a new way
that claims
to be secret
to remain
in the most unusual place.

Hidden by the sheets
I woke up
of the sweetest dream
I ever had.
We brushed our hair,
make-up our face
and went out
back to world
as simple friends.

No kisses aloud ,
Neither hugs nor
hanging around
hand on hand.
Satisfy yourself
with invisible glances

But don't think
that she is going
to call you back,
to worry about you,
to care about your life,
your health, your mind.

There is no place
for comprehension my dears;
we are as bad
as they are.

Picture: El columpio-Raymond Monvoisin

4 comentarios:

  1. No place for comprehension...we are as GOOD as they are...everything is as it should be, this day, this hour, this moment--which in itself is...eternity!

    Your poem is SO much reminiscent of writing of Pierre Louys "SONGS OF BILITIS". Exquisitely beautiful, natural, and in PEACE!

  2. smiles...yes we are all fools finding our way in love, and all that goes with it, regardless of our sex....very the way you built this

  3. What a marvelous wide-awake dream poem! Each stanza is a delight unto itself, but all told they create an adventurous piece.