domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Embracing Imperfection

Embracing imperfection
with the arms of the beloved
no one knows, but me
the time that goes
scratching my skin

beauty dies
while happiness arises
flooding both my heart
and mind.

yet, I see, my deep self
deep deep into the sea,
spliting up into millions of
knowledge rivers,
sharing my essence
transparent and clean
to pure and beautiful
imperfect beings.

6 comentarios:

  1. There is imperfection, there is then perfection.

  2. Maybe my comment got eaten by Blogger? Be glad for this repeat, b/c first was WAYYYY to lengthy.

    Anne Frank, Hi.
    My opinion, right? OK.
    Perfection is but one step away. It means being rid of SELF.

    Not easy, because lot of steps are implied before reaching that goal. So "...we strive for perfection" is realistic. Unless a saint, I will not attain the goal in this preparatory life.

    Meanwhile, I will take your good advice and "embrace imperfection".You write well, as usual. Thanks for a thoughtful and worthy piece.
    PEACE, my Friend

  3. WOW! Your comment to me was "way over the top!. Thanks. I responded, if you care to come by....

  4. Imperfection is where we acquire knowledge, it is where beauty lives. I don't want perfection of any kind, I love imperfection because it makes look forward to something better yet imperfect

  5. The ocean depths...the birth of the deepest, far-reaching currents. So much more potent than skin.