sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

Healing time

It is the awkward tic tac
of the snoring clock,
that marks the nights
you've been alone.

It is the patronizing
tic tac of the clock
that forces your life
in a rude mode.

It's the tic tac song
that wakes you up
and curls up your dreams
the same lulaby
that cures broken hearts

Its now not the same clock
or not the same tic tac 
of an awkward clock,
but a healing sound
that always walks forward,
without looking back.

Picture: unknown

4 comentarios:

  1. This one demonstrates growth with the triumphant and uplifting ending. (Appreciate your comment and the follow too...more madness on the way!)

  2. Anne, my happy heart is praying that yours is not the heart which was SO broken. Your message for ALL is clear. Move on, don't look back. Giving up attachments is never an easy road, but walk it we must, sooner or later.

    MY healing has usually come through the medicine of friendships, and renewed gratitude for the gifts of nature and the Universe.

    You are GOOD, girl! Many--who 'know' you--love you.

  3. Move forward, but do we not look back? Healing takes so many rounds in that clock.
    Good message