domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

If I fall asleep

If I fall asleep before you go home please send me a message to know you are safe.
If I fall asleep and you are not already at home please let me know you had a good time and miss me so much.
If I fall asleep As soon as I spec I would read your message when the night is almost end.
If I fall asleep and you arrive late I don't care
Take a shower Relax Sleep good I see you tomorrow to cure your hangover as I will always take care of you.
But don't forget to send me the message just to say you arrive OK.

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7 comentarios:

  1. Dear Anne (I already forgot, dammmit!--grin!)

    Please, oh please...a mature person? I have to look that up! Dictionary said there is no such human, except one verified as age 117...As for me, I'll never decide what I'm going to be when I grow up. I've been told that it's impossible to be a musician, and ALSO "grow up" ("Can't do BOTH", was the actual quote).

    If boyfriend already has hangovers, and ever wants to live a better life, tell him to write me...I maybe help. Been sober long, long time, in Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Poems spomtaniously spawned are fequently the most beautiful-Always the most honest. Your post, so sweet, fits right there. A pleasure to read.

    PEACE and LIGHT, Anne Frank

    1. jajajaja Thanks Steve. To my surprise he is heathier than I spect and came without alcohol in his veins jaja. But in anycase thats something that worries me, too many substances available for everyone in a party night, you know...!

      Thank you Steve for always making me smile =)

  2. Anne Frank? Haha :D
    A nice poem, but was difficult matching the rhythm :)
    I also do not write poems, but in a state of total weirdness, it just comes to me :)
    Take care.

    1. jajaja Your right, I didnt give so many imponce to the rhythm but to the message,if you'll forgive the repetition jaja
      Thank you so much for dropping by =)

  3. I like the anticipation of hearing from the other person. We want the reinforcement that we are missed, that their time was good so they will want us again. We want to be loved.

  4. I glad seeing you have a new life, a new start,
    what you really deserve,
    what you really need.
    Im just glad that you are ok,
    not like you were before,
    maybe the past time taught,
    maybe not,
    anyway i glad seeing that you are ok.