miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

The mirror effect!

Do you know when there is a thought rounding in your head once and again and again and again and finally there is a sort of bulb that turns on almost literaly?! well, the discovery of the "mirror effect" was one of the bulbs that still giving light to my life nowadays. I used to care a lot about people actions and reactions about or against me, specially if I feel mistreated for a lie or any injustice reason. I used to play the role of the victim, used to cry and even beg for the things I didnt have. But suddenly, one day, my mind, as unexpected as always, started working, and I realize that spending a lot of time thinking about the problems that dont have any solution is no more than a waste of time... so I addopted the position of the "mirror effect": if someone doesnt love me, ok, doesnt matter! I wont love you either! If someone decides not to speak with me again because someone said that someone said that someone said that I have said....its oooooooooooooooooooookeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy, it doesnt matteeeeeerrrrr, I wont speak with you either!!
as unexpected as the electricity of my brain
I discovered
that the "mirror effect" really works. And all the problems finally are solved, and if not, is because I have had enought time to think properly about who is the one who has to beg for.

Sorry for my grammatical mistakes, I consider you as my "ciberfamily", lets put it like that xDD so tonight I dont even try to correct myself. This was just some thoughts I wanted to share.