sábado, 21 de enero de 2012


Don't look at me like that Madame.
I am a bitch
just like you.

I am your husband's
sexual slave
when you are tired
and your kids are asleep.

I also thought
I could never do it.
But I left my heart
that useless organ
gives no money
but headaches.

Don't be so silly Madame.

I closed my eyes
and went ahead.
I did it,
and He paid for it.
I felt pity for him,
He showed none
for me.

But I sucked,
I ride,
I went on,
I received my money
and I went nowhere
to wipe my tears

Don't be hypocritical Madame.

I'm a bitch
just like you
I sell my body
to everyone
you sell it
to just one.  

Picture: Picasso-Weeping Woman