miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012


Sorry, but I'm just not in the mood
to feel your skin during the night
damn human heater,
 that makes me sweat under the sheets.

 I'm very sorry
 but I just dont care about your morning at work, 
or how tired you are and how much you miss me.

I'm really sorry but I cant stand your kisses, 
neither your hugs.

I am sorry...
 but I want to have a shower alone,
 and spend the time with the girls, 
watching chick flick movies 
while eating sweets and going to the gym
to shape my body and my self esteem,
and going out to dance
until the sun says “hello, I'm back again” 
and wake up in a different place,
behaving nice or behaving wild,
with smudge make-up down my cheeks 
and the bitter taste of alcohol. 

 I want to continue studying and earning money 
and improving myself to be a better human being.

 I'm so sorry...
 because I want to avoid the argues
 that used to spoiled my important days
 and keep my mind away from what I really care,
 that is me.

Picture: borrowed from http://nowandforeverbeautiful.tumblr.com/

2 comentarios:

  1. Anne...I am not sorry that YOU are SO sorry.
    Because you sound so HAPPY in your "sorrow"--grin!

    LIVE life, girl! Laugh, work, be nice, and LOVE. When the time is right...............


  2. Me gusta! putting yourself first; either metaphorically or real I like the message