viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

Secret Point

I found
the paradyse.

Im sorry to tell you
the path is extremely
full of stones
that move
forcing you to climb
or descend
depending on your mood
or your experiences
or lets say
depending on the way
you choose to see them.
-the eyes
unable to see the beauty of the road
are no more than blind.

And there it was
at the middle of nothing
surrounded by...nothing
I discovered
as a child
that have just opened  her eyes
little animals
that I feared first
and then I scrutinized
with the help of a master
that made me enjoy
the ilusions of life.

5 comentarios:

  1. "...We dared to annoy silence
    with the sound of our laughter."

    ...A GREAT line!

    "...and that
    made someone angry..."

    ALWAYS someone jealous,
    because they did not practice
    being satisfied
    --and wanted more than...

    A most difficult thing, to admit my wrong--or my part in another's wrong.

    You dived into the deep today, a well-written piece.
    Thank you!

    You dived into the deep

  2. I would not wish to be blind.

    I see every beauty along my hiking trail.

    And pick them up.

    In silent laughter, sharing with you all.

  3. I wish you were happy and everything you do is to make people near to you to feel the same

  4. How easy your write poetry whatever english or spanish!

  5. no entendi este muy bien. Creo que lo leere varias veces. Me gusta tu poesia