jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Querido diario...


Anne Frank

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  1. Ya know, Anne. Many women probably do not know that men have the same problem. Instead of tranquilizers (which are kinda 'sissy'?--grin!) we drink a liter or two of scotch whiskey!

    But those selfsame 'feelings' and desires to BE appreciated and loved are quite human in hearts of even the toughest of macho creatures.NOTE: Whoever I have truly loved, I do miss unto this very day.

    Most men will not bare their soul like that, but I'm assuming my FEW men-friends will not read this comment! LOL!
    LOVE and PEACE!

  2. Un dia ese dolor se termina - it fades - lentamente. Al pasar el tiempo cuando el dolor termina, miras atras y te sorprende lo que veras; en la distancia ya sin amor podras ver que talvez nunca lo hubo o agradeceras la oportunnidad de haber amado